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LOTUS August 2011 Monthly Concert

Date: Saturday Aug 20th, 2011

TIME: 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM


897 Kifer Road, Suite 1, (inside RTS Building Complex)

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Phone: (408) 481-9242

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These are free events. All are welcome. Please feel free to spread this message to your friends and relatives.


Junior Concert #1: 2.00 PM to 2.45 PM

aditi nataraj (Vocal)

Nyantara narasimhan (Violin)

vignesh venkataraman (mridangam)

junior concert #2: 3.00 PM to 3.45 PM

omsri bharat (veena)

gopal ravindhran (mridangam)

lavanya vijayan (VOCAL)
Maya jeyendran (Violin)
Colathur vijayan (


Aditi Nataraj (vocal)
Aditi Nataraj is a student of Guru Smt. Anuradha Sridhar. She has participated in music aradhanas and has been a part of Trinity Center for music's productions in the bay area and in Cleveland. Aditi gave her first solo concert in Oct 2010 at the Nandalala mission. Aditi also learns Western violin, and plays for the school orchestra. Aditi is a junior at Monta Vista High school.

Nyantara Narasimhan (violin)
Nyantara Narasimhan is a student of Guru Smt Anuradha Sridhar, Director of Trinity Center for Music, Saratoga,under whom she trains in borh violin and vocal. Smt. Anuradha Sridhar is the daughter and disciple of Lalgudi Smt Shrimati Brahmanandan.

Nyantara has been an integral part of Trinity's various productions here in the Bay Area and in Cleveland and has also been performing at various Bay Area festivals including the San Francisco World Music Festival, Lotus, Nandalala Mission to name a select few. A Junior-to-be at The King's Academy, Nyantara takes pride in not only furthering her vocal training, but has been fortunate to have had opportunities to accompany as a violin junior artist in a few events like the Nandalala Mission and OSATT competitions these past 2 years.

Vignesh Venkataraman:(mridangam)
Vignesh, a 12th grader at Monta Vista High School, Cupertino, CA is a mridangam artist hailing from Umalyalpuram Sri. K. Sivaraman’s school. Vignesh was initiated into playing Mridangam by Sri. Anand Iyer, also from the same school. For the past 6 years, Vignesh has been traveling to India every summer undergoing advanced training under the tutelage of Umayalpuram Sri. K. Sivaraman.

Vignesh has accompanied various artists including some senior musicians in San Francisco Bay Area concerts as well as concerts in Chennai India. He has given many performances organized by LOTUS, Nandalala Mission, Swaralahari, South India Fine Arts and San Francisco Sangati Center.

Vignesh has participated in mridangam and vocal competitions at the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana festival and won several prizes in both categories.

Omsri Bharat (Veena)
Omsri learns the veena from eminent Bay area Vainika Sri Srikanth Chary. She has participated in many music programs like the Pleasanton Youth Music Festival, Livermore Shiva Vishnu Temple cultural festivals and so on. She has also won prizes at the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana and The Papanasam Sivam festival. She also played the veena in ‘The Sorcerer’, a production of the Lyric Theater company of San Jose. Omsri also learns vocal Carnatic music from Smt. Srividya Ramanath. Omsri starts college in the fall.

Gopal Ravindhran (Mridangam)
 Gopal Ravindhran has been learning Mrudangam for the past 8 years from Shri Ravindra Bharathy Sridharan. In addition, he has attended several workshops conducted by noted mrudangists, such as Sri Neyveli Narayanan and Sri Murugabhoopathy. Last summer, he underwent advanced training under the tutelage of Sri Neyveli Narayanan. Gopal has accompanied teachers and various musical schools in Bay Area and Chennai. He has won several prizes in competitions conducted in the bay area, Chicago and Cleveland. In 2009 he had his Mrudangam Arangetram , accompanying Vidwan Sri Delhi Sunderajan - Vocal , Vidwan Sri VittalRamamurthy on the violin, and Vidwan Sri A.MahaDevan on the Morsing. Gopal is an upcoming sophomore at Irvington High in Fremont .

Lavanya Vijayan (Vocal)
Lavanya Vijayan is a student of Guru Smt.Anuradha Sridhar, Director of Trinity Center for Music. Lavanya has participated in many of Trinity's performances in the Bay area and in Cleveland. She gave her first solo performace in Sri Ramanavami Utsavam in April 2011.
She has won prizes at Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana and Papanasam Sivan competitions. Lavanya is a 7th Grader at Thornton Junior High School in Fremont.
Her hobbies include drawing, painting, swimming, and reading.

Maya Jeyendran (Violin)
Maya Jeyendran is a student of Guru Smt. Anuradha Sridhar, and has been learning violin for the past 7 years. Maya has participated in SIFA Thyagaraja Day celebration, Badarikashrama , Purandaradasa Day and in the orchestra of Trinity Center’s performances in the bay area and in Cleveland. Maya recently completed the Kumon program in the Math tract. Maya enjoys playing volleyball and plays for her school as well as local bay area volleyball club. Maya will be an 8th grader this fall at The Harker School.

Colathur Vijayan (Mridangam)
Colathur Vijayan is a disciple of Sri Guruvayoor Dorai and has accompanied a number of artists in the Bay Area and other places in the US.