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LOTUS May 2014 monthly concert


Date: sunday, may 11th, 2014

TIME: 10.00 aM to 1.30 PM


193 Commercial St,

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Phone: (408) 481-9242

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These are free events. All are welcome. Please feel free to spread this message to your friends and relatives.

Concert #1 - Intermediate 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

Keshavan Srivatsan (Vocal) 
Lavanya Raman (Violin)
Akshay Venkatesan (Mrudangam)

Concert #2 - Junior        11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Archita Padmanabhan (vocal)
Mahesh Balaji (Violin)
Akshay Venkatesan (Mrudangam)

Concert #3 - Junior        12:30 PM - 1:15 PM

Adithi Suresh (Vocal)
Usha Srinivasan (Violin)
Ajay Gopi (Mrudangam)


Keshavan Narayanan Srivatsan (Vocal)

Keshavan Narayanan Srivatsan is a Carnatic vocalist and violinist, belonging to the Legendary Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar & Palghat K.V. Narayanaswamy Lineage. He has been training in vocal music under his parents Smt. Subhapriya K. Srivatsan and Hemmige Sri V. Srivatsan since a very young age and continues to train on the violin with his father. Keshavan has also had the rare privilege of learning with illustrious musicians such as Vidushi Smt. Padma Narayanaswamy (his Paramaguru pathni), Vidushi Smt. Jayalakshmi Santhanam and Vidwan Sri R.K. Shriramkumar. Keshavan is a 7th grader at Rolling Hills Middle School, Los Gatos.

Lavanya Raman (Violin)

Lavanya Raman has been learning violin since the age of 9. After her initial training under Sri Mullaivasal G. Chandramouli for 8 years, she has been under the guidance of Sri. R.K. Shriramkumar since then. She has accompanied several young and upcoming artists as well as seasoned musicians at several leading sabhaas & temples in India and the Bay Area. Currently, she also pursues her interests in singing under the guidance of Vidwan Sri R.K. Shriramkumar.

Akshay Venkatesan (Mrudangam)

Akshay Venkatesan started learning mridangam at Sarvalghu Percussion Art Center, San Jose, CA at the age of 5 under the able guidance of `Laya Kala Ratna’ Sri Ramesh Srinivasan, a leading disciple of Mridangam Maestro Late Sangeetha Kalanidhi Sri Vellore G. Ramabhadran. 

Akshay has accompanied on Mridangam in April 2011 Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana `Sustaining Sampradaya Concert’ and Carnatic Symphony in 2013 and 2014, Papanasam Sivan and CCC concert in 2014. He also accompanied Carnatic Idol group winners’ concert in Cleveland in 2014. He was also fortunate to be part of the lecdem at Cleveland festival conducted by his Guru Sri. Ramesh Srinivasan about Sri. Vellore G. Ramabhadran mama. Akshay has been accompanying vocalists and instrumentalists in Bay area for the last four years.

Akshay also learns vocal Carnatic music and is a student of Sri Paduka Academy. His other activities include playing tennis and basketball as well as saxophone in his school band. He is in 7th grade at Chaboya middle school.

Archita Padmanabhan  (Vocal)

Archita Padmanabhan is an 8th grader from Thornton Junior High Fremont. She is learning Carnatic music for the past 7 years. She started her initial music lessons with Smt. Geetha Iyer. At present she is under the tutelage of Sri Hari Devanath and Sri Vivek Sunderaraman of Sri Paduka Academy. Her favorite ragam is Kalyani.

Apart from a singer she is a Cadette in the Girl Scouts of Northern CA and working to get her Silver Award. She enjoys teaching about environment for younger kids in elementary school. Her hobbies reading, painting, watching movies, and swimming.

Mahesh Balaji (Violin)

Mahesh had his initial training on the violin from Sangeeta Bhushanam Shri V Janakiraman ,a revered teacher and an AIR artist in Delhi. After moving to the Bay area in 1997 he continued his training under the able guidance of Smt Shanti Narayanan and vocal music training under Shri P V Natarajan. Since 2004 he had the great fortune of advance training under Kalaimamani A. Kanyakumari in Chennai. He hopes to keep this passion alive with the blessings of his gurus.


Adithi Suresh (Vocal)

Adithi Suresh is a 7th grader in Centerville Junior High School of Fremont. Adithi started her Carnatic vocal music training with Smt. Latha Sriram and currently is a student of Sri Paduka Academy for the last 4 years.
She has won prizes at the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana and Carnatic Music Idol competitions. She has also won prizes at the Papanasam Sivan and OSAAT competitions held in Bay area. 

She also loves to sing light/pop music and to play the keyboard. She is inspired by her Gurus and other accomplished musicians of the Bay-area and sees music as a means of self-expression.

Usha Srinivasan (Violin)

Usha Srinivasan is a student of well known eBay area Vainika, vidwan Shri Srikanth Chary. She was introduced to the veena by Smt Neela Rai, a station artist at All India Radio, Hyderabad. She also learned for a year from the late Maestro, Shri Emani Shankara Sastri. She has performed at various venues around the Bay area, in both group and solo performances.

Ajay Gopi (Mrudangam)

Ajay Gopi has been learning mridangam for the past 5 years from his father Sri. Gopi Lakshminarayanan, disciple of Late Sri. Kumbakonam Narayanaswamy Iyer. Ajay also learns from Sri. Kallidaikurichi S. Sivakumar, disciple of Late Sri. Palghat Raghu. Ajay had his arangetram recently with Sri. Neyveli Santhanagopalan on the  vocal. 

 Ajay has been accompanying young talents in bay area regularly in organizations such as CCC, SR Fine arts, Lotus, and Nandalala. Ajay accompanied Chinmaya sisters in his Upanayanam concert . Ajay has won many prizes in various competitions such as Cleveland Aradhana, Tambaram Music Club, Papanasam Sivan Day, OSAAT and Nadha Nritya. He also learns Carnatic vocal at Sri Paduka Academy. 

Ajay is a Sophomore at Irvington High School, Fremont .