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LOTUS Feb 2016 concerts

Date: saturday, february 20th, 2016

TIME: 1.30 PM to 4.45 PM


3102 Landess Ave,

San Jose, CA 95132

Phone: 408 481 9242

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All are welcome to attend these free concerts. Please feel free to spread this message to your friends and relatives.

Concert #1 - Junior        1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

Rahul Swaminathan (Vocal)
Geeta Shankar (Veena)
Sathya Ramesh (Mrudangam)

Concert #2 - Junior        2:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Sai Rajesh (Vocal)
Shreyas Srinivasan (Violin)
Avinash Anand (Mrudangam)

Concert #3 - Intermediate        3:30 PM - 4:45 PM

Adharsh Ramachandhran (Vocal)
Vignesh Thyagarajan (Violin)
Ajay Gopi (Mrudhangam)

Rahul (Vocal)
Rahul is a 9th grader from American High School, Fremont. He is a proud student of Sri.Paduka Academy for over 5 years. Rahul is also learning mridangam from Shri. Gopi Lakshminarayanan for over 3 years. In addition, Rahul is passionate about playing piano, swimming and badminton.

Geeta Shankar (Veena)
Geeta Shankar is a vainika-gayaka. She has had guidance from Guru Sri. Shrikanth Chary. She began learning veena from Smt. Vijaya Balasubramaniam. Geeta is primarily a vocalist, who learns from Guru Shri Neyveli R. Santhanagopalan and has given numerous solo concerts in the Bay Area, across the US, and in Chennai. She has participated in Veena competitions held here in the Bay area and Cleveland Aradhana and won awards. She is currently a sophomore at Stanford Online High School.

Sathya Ramesh  (Mrudangam)
Sathya Ramesh has been learning mridangam for the past 6+ years from her father, Laya Kala Rathna Sri Ramesh Srinivasan, prime disciple of Sangeetha Kalanidhi Vellore G.Ramabhadran. She recently won the Best Percussionist award at the Yuva-junior Sangeet Samraat event at the USA National Level in Mridangam. Sathya had her Mridangam Arangetram debut concert accompanying the violin duet concert by the Vidwan Lalgudi GJR Krishnan and Vidushi Lalgudi J Vijayalakshmi with Vidwan Ghatam Suresh on Ghatam on January 3rd 2015 in Chennai. Sangita Kalanidhi Shri TV Gopalakrishnan was the chief guest for the program. Sathya is in 9th grade in Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose, California.

Sai Rajesh (Vocal)
Sai is a senior at Dougherty valley high. He has been learning Carnatic music for the past 13 years and for the last 3 years at Paduka Academy from his Guru Shri. Hari Devnath. He is an Eagle Scout and a car enthusiast. Other than vocal carnatic music, sai enjoys listening to rap, plays the guitar for fun and loves photography.

Shreyas Srinivasan (Violin)
Shreyas started learning Violin from Smt. Geetha Seshadri since an early age and currently learning from Kalaimamani Dr. Narmadha, daughter and disciple of Sangeetha Kalanidhi Sri. MSG. Shreyas is an 8th grader at Fallon Middle School in Dublin.

Avinash Anand (Mridangam)
Avinash is a 6th grader at Windermere Ranch Middle school in San Ramon. He has been learning Mridangam for the past 6 years from Shri Ramesh Srinivasan, Director of Sarvalaghu Percussion Arts Center, San Jose. With his Guru's blessings Avinash had his Mirdangam arangetram with Sri Chitavina Ravikiran on January 3rd 2016 in Chennai.

Avinash is also learning Vocal music from Sri Hari Devnath, Director of Sri Paduka Academy. He has participated and won prizes in Cleveland Aradhana and Bay area competitive events. Apart from music, he plays badminton and enjoys reading books.

Adharsh Ramachandhran (Vocal)
Adarsh is a senior at Stanford Online High School. He was initiated into Carnatic music when he was 6 years old by Smt. Nandini Ramamurthi and has been learning from Sri Hari Devanath and Sri Vivek Sundararaman at Sri Paduka Academy for over 8 years. Adarsh has performed for various organizations around the Bay Area such as Lotus, SRFA, CCC, Nandalala Mission and Pranava Naadam. He has also competed and won prizes in several categories in music contests.

In addition to vocal music, Adarsh has also been learning mridangam from Sri. Gopi Lakshminarayanan for the past 5 1/2 years. Adarsh is also part of the Executive Committee of YSTCA (Youth Service Through Cultural Arts), an organization that hosts musical fundraisers to support local nonprofits and has recently been nominated as a youth representative of Fremont Cultural Arts Council.

Vignesh Thyagarajan (Violin)
Vignesh Thyagarajan hails from a family of musicians belonging to the lineage of Flute Maestro Brahmasri Saraba Sastrigal. Vignesh is a disciple of his uncle Vidwan Delhi Shri. P. Sunderrajan. Vignesh was initiated into Carnatic vocal and violin at a very young age under the guidance of his mother Smt. Rama Thyagarajan.

At a young age, Vignesh has become a sought-after violinist in North America, and regularly accompanies local artists as well as visiting artists from India such as JA Jayanth, Dharini Kalyanaraman, Bombay Lakshmi Rajagopalan, Subiksha Raman, Tejasvi Raghunath, Ananya Ashok, etc. Vignesh regularly visits Chennai to perform solos and accompany leading musicians in the December Music Season and has played in leading sabhas such as Narada Gana Sabha, Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha, Chennai Cultural Academy, Papanasm Sivan Rasika Sabha, Kapali Fine Arts, Parthasarathy Swami Sabha.

Ajay Gopi (Mrudhangam)
Ajay Gopi has been learning mridangam for past 6 years from his father Sri. Gopi Lakshminarayanan, disciple of late Sri. Kumbakonam NarayanaSwamy Iyer. He also gets additional training from Sri. Kallidaikurichi Sivakumar, disciple of Sri. Palghat Raghu. Ajay had his arangetram on July, 2013 with Sri. Neyveli Santhanagopalan on the vocal and Sri. Hemmige V. Srivatsan on the violin. Ajay played junior level concerts during December Music Season, 2013. Ajay regularly accompanies younger upcoming artists in bay area in organizations such as Carnatic Chamber Concerts, Swara Lahari, Lotus, SR Fine Arts, Nandhalala and Trivalley music circle.

Ajay has won many Mridangam competitions such as Cleveland Aradhana, Tambaram Music Circle (India), Papanasam Sivan competitions, OSAAT, Nada nritya, etc. Ajay is a senior and he also learns Carnatic Vocal at Sri Paduka Academy and Neyveli Gurukulam.