LOTUS January 2013 Monthly Concert


TIME: 1.30 PM TO 5.00 PM


193 Commercial St,

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Phone: (408) 481-9242

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These are free events. All are welcome. Please feel free to spread this message to your friends and relatives.

Concert #1 - Intermediate

Usha Prabhu (Vocal)

Vignesh Tyagarajan (Violin)

Gopal Ravindran (Mridangam)

Concert #2 - Junior

Sravya Rallapalli (Vocal)

Vignesh Tyagarajan (Violin)

Gopal Ravindran (Mridangam)

Concert #3 - Junior

Varsha Ravikumar (Vocal)

Vignesh Tyagarajan (Violin)

Gopal Ravindran (Mridangam)

1.30 - 2:45

2:50 - 3:35

3:45 - 4:30

Usha Prabhu (Vocal) - Intermediate

Usha Prabhu was been trained under the guidance of Vidwan Sri Shringeri H.S.Nagaraj since the age of seven at Sri Guruguha Sangeetha Mahavidyalaya,Karnataka. Presently, she is continuing under the tutelage of Ganakalashree Vidushi Smt M.S.Sheela. Vidushi M.S. Sheela is the founding director of Hamsadhwani Creations,Bangalore. She has given performances in India and US. She presently lives in Bay area and teaches carnatic vocal.

Vignesh Thyagarajan (Violin)

Vignesh Thyagarajan started learning carnatic vocal and violin at the age of 5 years with his mother Smt. Rama Thyagarajan. Vignesh is currently under the tutelage of his uncle Vidwan Shri.Delhi P.Sunderrajan. Vignesh regularly accompanies the bay area music schools and carnatic chamber concerts. Vignesh has accompanied on violin for students of bay area music schools and also given solo performances under the banner of SVLOTUS, Nandalala Mission, Carnatic Chamber Concerts (CCC) , Dheemtana, Swaralahari Local community TV channel and December Music festival 2011. Vignesh learns western violin through private lessons and he is in the Intermediate String Orchestra at California Youth Symphony (CYS). Vignesh is a sophomore in Cupertino High School CA.

Gopal Ravindhran (Mridangam)

Gopal Ravindhran has been under the tutelage of Sri Ravindra Bharathy Sridharan for the past 9 years. In addition, he has attended special sessions with Sri Neyveli Narayanan. Gopal has been a sought after accompanist for various musical schools in Bay Area and has been performing regularly in Chennai for the past couple of years. He has also been a active performer in his Guru, Ravi's school, Nadhopasana Academy of Fine Arts. He has won several prizes in competitions conducted in the bay area, Chicago and Cleveland. In 2009 he had his Mrudangam Arangetram , accompanying Vidwan Sri Delhi Sunderajan on Vocal , Vidwan Sri Vittal Ramamurthy on the violin, and Vidwan Sri A.MahaDevan on the Morsing. Gopal is a sophomore at Irvington High in Fremont.

Sravya Rallapalli (Vocal) - Junior

Sravya Rallapalli, a 9th Grader at Mitty, has been learning Carnatic vocal music from Smt. Jayashree Varadarajan, Founder Director of Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandir School of Fine Arts for the past 9 years. Sravya has performed in Nandalala concert series, Dheemtana, and participated in major school productions, and also several festivals in the Bay Area. Sravya recently performed with her school in a thematic production entitled Ganesha Pancharatna kritis at the Cleveland Tyagaraja Aradhana festival. Sravya is learning western classical violin and sings in the Jazz Choir group in High School.

Varsha Ravikumar (Vocal) - Junior