Lotus November 2011 Monthly Concert


TIME: 2.00 PM TO 5.15 PM


897 Kifer Road, Suite 1, (inside RTS Building Complex)

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Phone: (408) 481-9242

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These are free events. All are welcome. Please feel free to spread this message to your friends and relatives.


JUNIOR CONCERT #1: 2.00 TO 2.45 PM

Divya Chandrasekaran

Ajay Narasimha (Violin)

Gopal Ravindhran (Mridangam)

JUNIOR CONCERT #2: 3.00 TO 3.45 PM

Narayanan Raju (Vocal)

Vignesh (Violin)

Arjun Haran (Mridangam)


Divya Mohan

Ajay Narasimha (Violin)

Gopal Ravindhran (Mridangam)


Divya Chandrasekaran (Vocal)

Divya Chandrasekaran has been learning Carnatic Vocal Music since age four from Guru Smt. Jayashree

Dasarathy. She has participated in several competitions like Cleveland Thyagaraja Aaradhana,

Papanasam Sivan festival and OSAAT and has won prizes. Divya has given solo performances on various

occasions and venues like SIFA Thyagaraja Aaradhana, Badarikkashram Sri Ramanavami festival, Lotus

Trinity Day, Concord Murugan temple and Shirdi SaiBaba temple Navarathri celebrations. She also gave

a house concert during Navarathri celebrations last year. She had the rare opportunity to perform in

front of Pujyasree Mathioli Saraswathy of Nandalala Mission during her visit to the US in October 2010

and get her blessings.

Divya is a sophomore at Homestead High School and is very active member of Future Business Leaders

of America. She also learns Bharathanatyam from Smt. Shreelata Suresh and has participated in various

productions and fundraisers.

DIVYA MOHAN (Vocal - Intermediate slot)

Divya Mohan has been learning music since age 5. She had her initial training from Smt Nandini Ramamurthi and for the past 4.5 years, she’s been under the tutelage of Sri Neyveli R Santhanagopalan. She takes lessons from him via the internet which is supplemented by in-person lessons during visits. With her Guru’s blessings, Divya had the privilege of doing her vocal music arangetram in Chennai during August 2011 with Smt Padma Shankar/ Sri B Ganapathyraman and Sri SV Ramani as her accompanists.

Divya has also been learning violin for the last 6.5 years under the guidance of Dr. Saravanapriyan Sriraman. She has also been fortunate to take lessons directly from Lalgudi Sri GJR Krishnan. Divya is 15 years old and is a sophomore at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont. She has participated in Cleveland Aradhana, Papanasam Sivan Competitions and OSAAT and has won many prizes in both vocal and violin categories.


Ajay Narasimha was introduced to Carnatic music from a young age by his parents Smt. Rama and Sri. M.J. Narasimha. He is a student of Hemmige Sri. V. Srivatsan, the prime male disciple of Sangitha Kalanidhi Palghat Sri. K.V. Narayanasawamy. Ajay has had the fortune of accompanying reknowned musicians including Smt. M.S. Sheela, Sri D. Seshachary (of the Hyderabad Brothers), Sri D. Balakrishna, and Papanasam Sri. Ashok Ramani as well as his own Guru around the US. He has also performed in many of the major music sabhas in Chennai and Bangalore. Ajay received his B.S. degree from Stanford University, and Ph.D. from UCLA. He resides in the Bay Area and is a research scientist in biotech.


Gopal Ravindhran has been under the tutelage of Sri Ravindra Bharathy Sridharan for the past 9 years. In addition, he has attended special sessions with Sri Neyveli Narayanan.

Gopal has been a sought after accompanist for various musical schools in Bay Area and has been performing regularly in Chennai for the past couple of years. He has also been an active performer in his Guru, Ravi's school, Nadhopasana Academy of Fine Arts.

He has won several prizes in competitions conducted in the bay area, Chicago and Cleveland. In 2009 he had his Mrudangam Arangetram , accompanying Vidwan Sri Delhi Sunderajan on Vocal, Vidwan Sri Vittal Ramamurthy on the violin, and Vidwan Sri A.MahaDevan on the Morsing.

Gopal is a sophomore at Irvington High in Fremont

Narayanan Raju (Vocal)

Narayanan Raju has been learning Carnatic Vocal Music for the past five years from Smt. Jayashree Varadarajan, Founder/Director of Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandir School of Fine Arts. Narayanan has performed with the school in several Bay Area venues, such as the Badarikashrama and the Shiva Murugan temple. He was also part of the school’s 25th Anniversary “Kalavandana” celebration. Narayanan was also part of his music school's pancharathna production for Swaralahari. Narayanan works currently at HP.

Vignesh (Violin)

Vignesh is a disciple of his uncle Vidwan Shri.Delhi P.Sunderrajan. Vignesh regularly accompanies the music schools in bay area. Vignesh gave a Solo Performance under the banner of Lotus, the local organization in Bay area. Vignesh learns western violin and he is in the Intermediate String Orchestra at California Youth Symphony (CYS).

Vignesh is a sophomore at Cupertino High School, CA.

Arjun Haran (Mridangam)

Arjun Haran began learning to play the mridungam at 8 years of age from Ravi Sridharan and currently learns from Vidwan Mannargudi Sri Easwaran. Arjun has performed at many fundraisers accompanying various teachers, as well as youth talents on the violin, flute, vocal and veena in the Bay area. In the year 2003, Arjun won the best youth performer award from Bharati Kalalaya. He is a frequent performer at the Tamil Mandram, the Concord temple, the Livermore temple, Badrikashram, the Nandalala mission and with Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandir under Shrimati Jayashree Varadarajan. He has also performed live on the Palo Alto Radio station and with Swaralahari. In the year 2005, Arjun won second place in the senior category of percussion at the Cleveland festival and was recognised at the Cleveland 2006 festival for his dedication to the art of percussion in the youth category. Arjun's passions include baseball and all genres of music.