Procedure to Perform

It is our distinct pleasure to welcome you to perform for LOTUS. As most of you know, LOTUS is an organization comprised entirely of volunteers. Volunteers dedicate time and effort to give our local artists a stage to showcase their musical talent. 

Please note that LOTUS is a non-profit community organization of volunteers. All our events are free and LOTUS does not provide any travel or airfare nor do we offer any type of fees or remuneration to artistes or accompanists for their performances. 

The following is the set of policies and requirements to perform for LOTUS. Kindly review this thoroughly and do contact us in case you have any questions or concerns. 

IMPORTANT! We require all LOTUS artistes (both Senior and Junior) to VOLUNTEER at one of our major events once either before or after their scheduled concert like Tyagaraja Aradhana or other monthly concerts.

PROCEDURE TO PERFORM - 45 min and 75 min slots

To perform in 45 mins slot, please include the artist's most recent solo recording (one full song) along with registration using the google form given below. Please note that the artist is expected to perform manodharma with Alapana and swarams in the concert.

To perform in 75 mins slot, please register the artist using the google request form given below with youTube clip of piece with Alapana/Neraval and Swarams.  Also please send the artist's music bio along with the same Youtube clip of piece with Alapana, Neraval, swarams to, CCing to The artist has to clear the screening by the board to perform in 75 mins slot.  The artist will be notified about the screening results by email.  Also The artist is required to perform a piece with Alapana, Neraval, swarams in their carnatic concert the day of the LOTUS program (and the equivalent in a hindustani concert) as well.

Please fill the Google Request form -

We will get back to you on the next available slot. 


To perform in this slot, every interested artist must undergo the screening process, which is conducted by a group of anonymous knowledgeable musicians and bay area music conoisseurs. The board requires a bio and a Youtube recording of any one complete concert performance preferably a Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi (or the equivalent in hindustani music). 

Please send the bio and recording to, CCing to

Please fill the Google request form -

Once screening is completed, the artist will be notified of which slot he/she falls in soon.

All 2 hour slot artists are required to perform a ragam-tanam-pallavi or a detailed main piece with raagam, tanam, niraval & swaram in their carnatic concert the day of the LOTUS program (and the equivalent in a hindustani concert).

Note!!!: Interested artist has to complete 45 mins slot performance before requesting for one hour 15 mins. In the same way, the artist has to complete 45 mins and 1 hr 15 mins slots before requesting for senior performance.  This is mandatory path for any interesting artist unless they are seasoned music professionals