Online Concerts OCTober 2021

Dear Patrons,

Wish you all a very happy Navarathri and Dasara. We have two concerts planned for October. Please plan to join and encourage the artists. It will be live on our Youtube channel.

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LOTUS core team

Sat, Oct 16th 2021

6.00 PM to 6.43 PM PT

Tanvi Belli (Vocal)

Sat, Oct 16th 2021

6.43 PM to 7.25 PM PT

Vishak S Iyer (Vocal)

Raghav S Iyer (mridangam)

Tanvi Belli - Vocal

Tanvi Belli is a sophomore, studying at Mountain House High School in Mountain House, CA. She has been learning carnatic music from the able guidance of Smt. Reema Pillai from Shruthilayam School of Music for the past 7 years. Tanvi has performed in many events around the Bay Area, and has received lots of appreciation and several awards. She also participated in ICMDA (International Carnatic Musicians and Dancers Association) event and won an award.

Tanvi’s passion for music also drove her to learn western Piano and western music which are enriching her musical journey to become a versatile musician.

Vishak S Iyer (Vocal)

Vishak S Iyer is a disciple of guru Smt.Preetha Sheshadri and has been learning Carnatic vocal music for the past 8 years. He also learns Veena from Smt. Anuradha Sundar. He has competed and won prizes in both vocal and veena at bay area competitions like papanasam sivan, mythri and annamayya. Apart from this Vishak also learns vedas from his grandfather Shri.S.Hariharan. He is a sophomore at Portola High School, Irvine and loves playing soccer.

Raghav S Iyer (mridangam)

Raghav S Iyer is a student of Nandi Laya Vidyalaya and has been learning mridangam under the tutelage of Guru Shri. Natarajan Srinivasan for the past 5 years. He also learns vocal music from Smt.Preetha Sheshadri. He has accompanied several events in the Bay Area. Apart from this he learns vedas from his grandfather Shri S.Hariharan. He is a sophomore at Portola High School, Irvine and enjoys Wrestling.