LOTUS July 2013 monthly concert


TIME: 1.15 PM TO 4.15 PM


193 Commercial St,

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Phone: (408) 481-9242

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These are free events. All are welcome. Please feel free to spread this message to your friends and relatives.

Concert #1 - Junior

Vaishnavi Hariprasad (Vocal)

Susheela Narasimhan (Violin)

Aditya Srinivasan (Mridangam)

Concert #2 - Senior

Ameya Rao (Vocal)

Shri Satish Tare (Tabla)

Shri Anand Karve (harmonium)

1.15 - 2:00

2:15 - 4:15

Vaishnavi Hariprasad (Vocal)

Vaishnavi has been learning music from Smt. Jayashree Varadarajan, founder and artistic director of Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandir School of Fine Arts based in Sunnyvale, since 2006. Vaishnavi, blessed with a melodious voice has performed with her music school in various musical productions and benefit shows such as “Planet Prayers” and “Bhajana Sandhya” and “Kalavandana”. In addition, she has performed for cultural and religious events at various temples in the Bay Area such as Badarikashrama, Shiva Murugan temple, Concord, Shiva Vishnu temple, Livermore, Santa Clara and Srikrishna Balarama temple, Santa Clara. Vaishnavi recently performed with her school at the Sri Satyanarayana temple in Milpitas on the occasion of temple’s mahakumbhabhishekam celebrations.

While in Chennai India, Vaishnavi studied music under Sri. Panchapakesa Iyer and Smt. Yogam Santhanam.

Vaishnavi holds a degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering as well as a master’s degree in Business Administration. Her other interests include gardening and reading books.

Vaishnavi resides in Santa Clara with her husband and two children.

Susheela Narasimhan ( Violin)

Mr Narasimhan learnt violin from Sri H.K. Venkatram in Shimoga for about a year and later on from Sri H.K. Narasimha Murthy for about 6-7 years in Mysore. He has played for many concerts in the bay area. He also teaches violin in the Bay area and has produced good students who are now playing for concerts in the Bay area. He has composed many Pallavis on Lord Raghavendra Swamy and runs a Melakartha Pallavi Concert Series. He has also given lecture demonstrations on California Arts Association Television on violin playing. He has a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering and works a Lead Thermal Engineer for Microsoft in Mountain View.

Aditya Srinivasan ( Mridangam)

Aditya Srinivasan, a Senior at Cupertino High School, has been under the tutelage of Sri. Ravindra Bharathy Sridharan at Nadhopasana Academy of Fine Arts in Cupertino for the past 7 years. Apart from being an active performer at Nadhopasana Academy's programs, Aditya has accompanied students from many music schools around the Bay Area for many events and fundraisers. He is also part of the ‘Laya Vinyasam’ team put together by his Guru, which has performed at OSAAT, Vivriti music festival and also in the presence of many acclaimed musicians receiving excellent reviews. Aditya has also won prizes at the Papanasam Sivan competition and the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana competition. He has been learning Carnatic vocal from his mother Smt.Preetha Sheshadri. Aditya has also been learning the Western piano for the past 12 years. Besides music, Aditya plays basketball for his high school varsity team.

Ameya Rao (Vocal)

Ameya Rao is a Hindustani Vocal student of Shri Nachiketa Yakkundi, and will be an incoming freshman in U.C. Berkeley this fall.

Shri Satish Tare (Tabla)

Shri Satish Tare started learning tabla from his father late Shri Madhav Tare and continued with Pandit Arvind Mulgaonkar.

He is presently learning from tabla maestro, Pandit Swapan Chaudhari, and also runs Tabla Niketan, a school for tabla students.

Shri Anand Karve (harmonium)

Shri Anand Karve was initiated into classical music by Shri Narayanrao Deulkar.

In later years he had the honor of receiving guidance and training from renowned Harmonium player, Shri Vishwanath Pendharkar.

Anand continues to train with Shri Vivek Datar.