प्रेरणा- preraNA

Dear all,

Hope you are staying safe and healthy.

In view of the current situation we LOTUS have had to put a pause on our live monthly events.

Over 20 years, LOTUS has been a part of musical journey for several young artists providing them their first or initial Concert Experience. We have hosted over 600 monthly concerts and several large series including annual 2-week long Shivaratri series and annual Tyagaraja Aradhana with over 300 participants.

Our aspiration has been to provide Concert Experience and encourage young artists to explore and develop aspects of music including manodharma (raga alApana, niraval, kalpanaswaram virutam, RTP and more), concert planning, composition presentation, performing with accompanist. Our key focus has been to inspire aspiring artists to listen to lots of good music, and practice hard to present a Junior, Intermediate, or Senior concert that they felt was challenging.

With that in mind, we launch “प्रेरणा- preraNA – a series encouraging your artist to continue to practice and we will continue to showcase them”

Format and how to request:

We are currently prioritizing main artists who have been assigned a slot to perform in 2020 monthly concerts.

  • Submit a 15 min(maximum) video of a main piece – composition with raga AlapnA, niraval(optional) and kalpanA swaram.

  • In case you have an accompanying artist already planned (or want to add) then, submit their separate video and we will also showcase the accompanying artist.

    • String artist- Submit a video of a 3-4 minutes AlapanA for the main composition

    • Percussion artist- Submit a 3-4 minutes taniAvartanam for the same composition

    • In case you want to create an integrated video with track, feel free to do so but it is not a must. We know it takes time to do this.

  • The video submitted must be in formal attire. You are practicing for the concert, so take this chance to dress up!

  • You can either send us the YouTube link (private link is fine too) with a short bio under 100 words to contactus@svlotus.com.

  • In case you have applied for an opportunity at LOTUS or are interested in participating then, let us know and we will try to accommodate in the coming weeks and months.

The artist and their videos will be Showcased on the LOTUS website and LOTUS Facebook Page and our Youtube Channel.

We, the LOTUS team, take this opportunity to thank each one of you for your generous support to LOTUS for 20 years and pray for many more years of togetherness.

Best regards,

LOTUS Family

Subhapriya, Nandakishore, Alamelu and Purnima