We have a special Guru Shishya Concert this Saturday. Please attend in large numbers, encourage the artists and enjoy the concert.

Note the change in time for this concert from our regular afternoon schedule.

DATE: Saturday, February 11th, 2023

TIME: 10 AM to 1.00 PM

VENUE: SANATHANA DHARMA KENDRA, 3102 Landess Ave, San Jose, CA 95132

Guru-shishya series concert 

Presented by

Sri Saravanapriyan Sriraman (violin)

accompanied by 

Prahlad Saravanapriyan (Violin)

Ajay Gopi (Mridangam) 

A.V. Krishnan (Ghatam)

Saravanapriyan Sriraman

Saravanapriyan learnt violin initially from Smt. Komalavalli Srinivasan, Shri. Tiruvarur Balasubramaniam and subsequently from veteran Shri. Tirupparkkadal Veeraraghavan. Since 2001, he has trained under Sangeetha Kalanidhi Lalgudi Shri G.J.R. Krishnan. He has received awards for Best Violinist from VDS Arts Academy and Mylapore Fine Arts (1992), India. Saravanapriyan’s exposure to several distinguished violin styles has made him appreciate the intricacies and finer nuances of violin playing. Saravanapriyan is an accomplished violin soloist/accompanist and a talented vocalist and composer. He has composed varnams and several Pallavis (RTP) set to intricate talams that are appreciated by leading Vidwans. He has performed at several prestigious venues in Chennai and in the USA since 1998 and has received excellent reviews for his concerts. Saravanapriyan continues to accompany several leading Carnatic musicians from India and senior artists in the Bay Area both in traditional concerts and instrumental ensembles. Saravanapriyan supports fund-raisers through music for several local and global causes/efforts. In addition, he was instrumental in helping establish the "Violin Wise" repair workshop in Chennai conducted by Santa Barbara luthier James Wimmer and sponsored by the Lalgudi Trust. In his spare time, Saravanapriyan dedicates himself to propagating the rich tradition of Carnatic Music and provides comprehensive guidance in the art of violin playing with meticulous attention and detail to purity through his school "Nadalahari". Several of his students are upcoming artists in the music scene, are well-sought-after accompanists, and are distinguished winners in several competitions. Saravanapriyan is a senior executive of product development in the semiconductor industry

Prahlad Saravanapriyan

Prahlad Saravanapriyan is a budding young Carnatic violinist and vocalist from the San Francisco (SFO) Bay area. Prahlad is the son and disciple of Sri. Saravanapriyan Sriraman, and has been learning Carnatic music from his father and Guru, since he was 3 years of age.  Prahlad is receiving additional training and guidance on violin from Sangeetha Kalanidhi Lalgudi Sri. G.J.R. Krishnan since 2019. Prahlad performs regularly in the SFO Bay Area music community, in various concerts, programs, and productions featured and hosted by prime music organizations in USA, India and Malaysia. He has participated and won several prizes in violin and vocal music competitions hosted by prestigious organizations both in the USA and India. He continues to evolve and grow with his passion for music, performs violin and vocal duets together with his father and Guru, and has also started performing in the Chennai Margazhi season since 2019. Prahlad is currently a high school sophomore (10th grade).

A.V. Krishnan - Ghatam

Krishnan is a disciple of Vidwaan Shri. T.H.V.Umashankar, son and disciple of Padmabhushan Shri. T.H. 'Vikku' Vinayakram, in the prestigious Jaya Ganesh Taala Vaadya Vidyalaya in Chennai. Krishnan began his musical accompaniment journey in early 2014 under the guidance of his guru. Since then he has performed in reputed music organizations across Asia and North America. 

Krishnan has been focused on maintaining the unique Ghatam fingering technique and accompanying style developed and popularized by his paramaguru, T.H. Vikku Vinayakram.


Ajay is a disciple of his father Sri. Gopi Lakshminarayanan and Sri. Kallidaikurichi Sivakumar.

Ajay has been regularly performing in the Chennai December Season festival in many reputed sabhas for the past few years. Ajay has performed at the Madras Music Academy as part of the Spirit of Youth and HCL concert series. Ajay also  regularly performs in various organizations in the USA such as Hamsadhwani, Lotus, Maarga, SFRA and SIFA for local and visiting musicians. Ajay also learns Carnatic Vocal and he is currently learning from Sri. Kolkata Vijayaraghavan. Ajay is a graduate of UC Berkeley and is a software engineer in the Silicon Valley.