subhapriya Srivatsan - President

Subhapriya has been involved since the founding of LOTUS in 2000. Subhapriya works with event planning, screening process of artists for senior and intermediate slots and emcee for monthly events.

Subhapriya was trained foremost by her parents, Radha and Thiruvaiyaru Krishnan has performed extensively, both, as a soloist and as a member of the Trio, Krishnan Sisters.  She is a versatile artist and be it through a Carnatic music composition by a saint, through a devotional bhajan in semi-classical Hindustani style, through a romantic unfold from a vintage Hindi film or peppy film songs drawn from today’s South Indian movies. Her knowledge of Indian Classical Music crisscrossing the Carnatic and Hindustani music styles shows her prowess in the grammar of Indian classical music.

Subhapriya's family is a family of musicians - husband Sri. Hemmige Srivatsan is an well renowned vocalist and violinist, her three sons are well versed with vocal, violin and mridangam in carnatic music.

Both her sisters are trained classical music artists and perform as the Krishna Sisters in both carnatic and hindusthani styles. Subhapriya has performed all over the US and is sought after for her knowledge of indian classical music for discourses as well.


Purnima works with Subha for planning events and emcee on a regular basis. She comes with ideas and themes for various events of LOTUS and also to refer accompanists for monthly concerts.

Purnima Krishnamurthy was born and grew up in Delhi and hails from a family of musicians. She grew up in a household that had a great passion for this art form and where music was part of the family tradition. 

Purnima is the granddaughter of Sangeetha Kalanidhi late Shri.T.K. Jayarama Iyer (TKJ). TKJ, besides being a violinist of repute, was a pioneer in the field of orchestration of Indian classical music. 

Purnima had her initial training in Vocal music from Smt. Balakamalambal and subsequently from Dr. Radha Venkatachalam and Prof. T.R. Subramaniam and then underwent advanced training under Late Shri. T.N. Bala who lived in PA, USA. Purnima has won several competitions in Delhi and is the recipient of the Indian government scholarship for training in classical music. She was a regular performer for the All India Radio Delhi and has performed in various Sabhas in Delhi.

She moved to USA in the year 2001 and to Bay area in the year 2004. She has been an active part of the Carnatic music scene in Boston initially and subsequently in the Bay area. Purnima has performed in several concerts in Boston, New Jersey and in Bay area. However after a major vocal chord injury, she was unable to sing and took to teaching and promoting music locally in Bay area. She has taught several students in Boston and Bay area.

Purnima is a learning experience director at Workday, has over 14 years of high-tech industry experience, building and aligning technical talent and performance practices with strategic business objectives.  She also teaches at University of California at Santa Cruz.

Radha (ALamelu) Ramadurai - Secretary

Radha is the monthly events planner and artists interface. She handles scheduling and making sure everything runs smooth on a month to month basis. She is also an emcee for monthly events.

Radha was born and raised in Karur, Tamil Nadu. She grew up in a musically live household and was nurtured into music by her mother/grandmother. Carnatic music has always been an important part of cultural & religious festivals in her family and in her hometown. 

Radha came to the US and continued to pursue her musical education and became a student of Smt. Shakunthala Murthy. She had learned for about 4 years and had given performances around the Bay Area. Radha has also given concerts in India during the December Music Season in her hometown and had given a concert which was televised around Tamil Nadu.

In her free time, Radha likes to compose small songs. One of her compositions was “Matha Charanam”, which is a song in praise of Mother Mary.

Radha is currently a Software Engineer at Palo Alto Networks and resides in the Bay Area with her husband and two sons. 

Nandakishore Vasanthakumar - treasurer and operations

Nanda has been the sound engineer, website, social media, marketing and treasurer for LOTUS since inception in 2000. He has been a constant presence in the monthly and other LOTUS events.

Nanda has been passionate about all genres of music and has been a amateur sound engineer since 1997 starting with the Kannada Koota of Northern California. He has also been a sound engineer for various dramas and other events in bay area.

Nanda works as a Sr. Marketing Manager at Menlo Security and has been a Director of Marketing Ops and Web Marketing in previous roles at Western Digital and HGST and and lives with his wife Swetha & son Vaibhav.