January 2019 concerts


TIME: 1.30 PM TO 4.30 PM


3102 Landess Ave, San Jose, CA 95132

Phone: 408 481 9242

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All are welcome to attend these free concerts. Please feel free to spread this message to your friends and relatives.

1:30 to 2:15 PM

Nikhila Raman (Vocal)

Shivani (Violin)

Vyass ( Mridangam)

2:30 to 3:15 PM

Deeksha Venkateswaran (Vocal)

Tanisha Srivatsa (Violin)

Amogh Kuchibhotla (Mridangam)

3:30 to 4:15 PM

Mahathi (Vocal)

Tejas Bharadwaj (Violin)

Varchas Bharadwaj (Mridangam)

Nikhila Raman (Vocal)

Nikhila is currently learning Carnatic music from Smt. Geetha Swamy (disciple of Sri O.S.Thygarajan). She started learning at age 5 beginning with small bhajans from Smt. Rashmi Raghuraman and basics of Carnatic music from Smt. Natana Valiveti. She continued learning music from Shri Shankranarayan (disciple of GNB). Nikhila is a freshmen at Carlmont High School. Apart from music she is a competitive tennis player. Her hobbies include art work, calligraphy and watching movies with her family.

Shivani (Violin)

Shivani is learning Carnatic violin from Smt. Lakshmi Balasubramanya and has been under her tutelage for 4 years. She also learns vocal from Smt. Jayanthi Umesh. She has given performances in many local temples and other venues in the Bay area.

Shivani is an 8th grader in Bret Harte Middle School, San Jose.

Vyass ( Mridangam)

Vyass learnt mridangam under Sri. Ravindra Bharathy Sridharan and previously under Sri N Amrit and Sri G AnantaSubramanian. He has accompanied various musicians in the bay area on the mridangam and has played in the Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival. Vyass is also a vocalist and has learnt from Vidwan Sri. T V Ramprasadh for the past several years. He currenly works for Broadcom in San Jose, CA. He is passionate about carnatic music and is committed to pass on the enjoyment to the listeners.

Deeksha Venkateswaran (Vocal)

Deeksha is under the tutelage of Vidvan Shri Kolkatta Vijayaraghavan. She was initiated into Carnatic music at the age 8 By Smt Akila Iyer.

Deeksha also learns carnatic violin from Smt. H.M. Smitha and Hindustani vocal from Shri Tahmankars. She is a regular performer in vocal /violin at local events. Deeksha is an 8th grader at Thomas Russel middle school.

Tanisha Srivatsa (Violin)

Tanisha's violin guru is Smt Charumathi Raghuraman. She was initiated into violin by Shri Susheela Narasimhan, and she has also learnt from Shri Saravanapriyan and Smt Tara Anand. Tanisha also plays the Western violin and is a part of the San Jose Youth Symphony Orchestra. Tanisha is learning Carnatic vocal from Smt Sangeetha Swaminathan. Tanisha’s first guru was Smt Vydehi Sudarshan. Tanisha has performed at CCC, Lotus, Bhadrikashrama and various other events in the Bay Area.

Tanisha is a Freshman in Mission High School in Fremont

Amog Kuchibhotla (Mridangam)

Amogh is currently under the Tutelage of Vidwan. Shri. Patri Satish Kumar

Amogh’s Initial Mridangam training was under Shri. Ravindra Bharathy Sridharan.

Amogh has been participating in competitions & won prizes in Osaat, Sivan & Kalaradhana & Cleveland. He has been accompanying artists at various events in Bay area. He is currently in 8th grade at Hyde Middle in Cupertino School district. In his free time Amogh participates in Robotics and plays Volleyball & Basketball in & outside of school.

Mahathi started learning Carnatic Music from Shri.Ashok Subramanyam. From the past 5 years, she has been a student of Sri Paduka Academy, currently learning from guru Shri.Hari Devanath.

She has participated and won prizes at OSAAT, Sapthami, Papanasam Sivan Festival and Sri Annamayya Jayanthi

An eighth grader at Dartmouth Middle School, San Jose, Mahathi enjoys playing the piano and is a lead percussionist in her school band. She is also part of her school’s basketball and science olympiad teams.

Tejas Bharadwaj began his musical journey under the tutelage of Smt. Anuradha Sridhar. For the past 3.5 years, he has been undergoing training under Vidwan Shri B.V. Raghavendra Rao, senior disciple of Sangeetha Kalanidhi T. N. Krishnan.He regularly accompanies in the Bay Area and was invited to perform recently at the iCarnatic Margazhi festival at Detroit. Tejas a Freshman at Monta Vista High School, Cupertino enjoys Math and sports.

Varchas Bharadwaj started learning mridangam under Sri Shriram Brahmanandam. For the past 3.5 years, he has been under the tutelage of Vidwan Trivandrum Sri Balaji, disciple of the legendary percussionist Vidwan Palghat Sri R. Raghu. Varchas performs in the Bay Area regularly and was invited to perform at the “Parampara” festival in Dallas ,Youth Festival in San Diego and Margazhi festival at Detroit. Varchas, a Freshman at Monta Vista High School, enjoys playing for his school's basketball team.